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May 23, 2020 2 min read

viv-kan, wellness coach, interviewWe sit down with corporate wellness coach, founder and yogi Viv on her current projects, wellness, and beauty rituals and how she stays grounded in a city that never stops moving. 

On her journey into the world of wellness

Never would I thought that I would be in the wellness industry. Growing up, I despised exercise, ate loads of processed foods, and didn’t put on moisturizer. I used to be a smoker, drink loads of alcohol, and had terrible sleep. It took YEARS for me to transition to how I am today. Most people don’t see the tiny micro-steps of change that people do for so many years to get to where they are - it’s simply a constant work in progress.

On her wellness rituals

Sleep 8-9 hours, meditation, deep breathing, cold showers, oil pulling, warm lemon and turmeric water, green juice, probiotics, yoga, weight training, deep connections, podcasts, and good quality bed sheets.

On her current inspiration

All the boss babes around me!

On moving to Hong Kong

Best decision ever made.

On who she most admires

People who take risks and don’t regret it.

What a perfect Sunday looks like

My complete morning ritual.

Leading a meditation or yoga class.

Out in the sun, by the water.

A fabulous homemade meal.

Sweet cuddles.

Sleeping early.

On her plans for the future

Live and work from anywhere in the world and travel with whoever I’m with.

Favorite places to visit

Bali, Koh Phangan, Florence

Beauty rituals

Paraben-free products. 

Face mask twice a week.

Toner with frankincense.

Face oils with natural ingredients.


A big visor when in the sun.

Her most treasured possession

I actually consider myself a minimalist and try to detach myself from possessions. If I had to choose, I’d consider a self-possession, which would be my ability to conduct public speaking - one of the most feared things in the world.

Words she lives by.

Go with the flow and stay mindful along the way. 



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