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September 09, 2020 2 min read

As a sustainable brand, we are inspired by timeless shapes and elegant form that do not conform to trends. We want our pieces to last over time and to serve as classic pieces that you can rely on again and again.

This is also noted in our brand promise, we wish to champion the slow fashion movement, and to boil it down to numbers, at least 50 wears. (For reference, fast fashion pieces average about 6 wears due to poor construction/design, material and also lack of proper care.)

To ensure that your OLIV pieces will be with you on your beach and island adventures, we've put together some eco-friendly low impact approaches to help you care for your swimwear. 


1. Handwashing 

First and foremost, we love and encourage you to handwash our swimsuits. Not only is it better for the environment, it is also the most gentlest method which guarantees that your OLIV swimsuits will retain its color brightness, shape and longevity. The easiest way to handwash your bikini is to take it into the shower with you or rinse it under cold water over the sink. Make sure to always cold rinse after every wear. 


2. Biodegradable 

Use all-natural soups, such as  Dr. Bronners or  The Laundress nontoxic Wash & Stain Bar to clean it thoroughly from tanning oil or sunscreen marks or salt or chlorine water. 
3. Storage

Make use of your cotton drawstring bag to keep swimwear fresh, protected, and separate from other items in your drawers.


4. Air-drying

We do not recommend putting your swimsuits in dryer - not only does it emit greenhouse gas, its also too invasive on the product. Just hang them up or lay them flat on a clean surface. (*Note: avoid placing your product under direct sunlight or rough surface!) 



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